Leroy Garcia vaccination

Colorado Senate President Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo, receives the first of two Moderna vaccinations for COVID-19. 

Colorado’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has made it one of the safest states in the country right now, according to a new report from WalletHub.

Colorado was ranked third for COVID-19 safety in the report, beat only by Vermont in second place and Alaska in first. Out of a perfect 100 safety score, the states scored 71.96, 79.93 and 95.43 respectively.

“The level of safety in a state is crucial to its economy,” said WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez. “States will not remove their current COVID-19 restrictions until certain safety benchmarks are met.”

To determine rankings, the report analyzed all 50 states and Washington D.C. on five metrics: COVID-19 transmission rates, positive testing, hospitalizations, death rates and the amount of the eligible population getting vaccinated.

Using data updated on Wednesday, Colorado ranked in the top 10 for the lowest death rate and hospitalization rate, placing sixth and 10th respectively.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 4,708 Coloradans have died from COVID-19 and 21,041 have been hospitalized as of Wednesday. 

Colorado’s vaccination and positive testing rates were also better than the U.S. average, each placing 12th compared to the average 25th. The only category in which Colorado was ranked below average was transmission rate, at 27th.

The least safe states were Mississippi, Alabama and Arizona, scoring 24.26, 18.67 and 8.20 respectively.

Alabama had both the highest death rate in the nation in the past week and the lowest share of the population who have received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the report found.

“The most important thing that residents can do to increase the safety of their community and state is to get vaccinated,” Gonzalez said. “How well (vaccines) are able to curb the pandemic depends on the share of the population that chooses to get vaccinated.”

The full report is available at wallethub.com.

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