Surveillanve video of suitcase being thrown in dumpster

Screenshot of video released Thursday by Pueblo police

The woman who's body was found stuffed into a suitcase found by Pueblo police inside a Dumpster, was missing her head, hands and feet, police said Wednesday.

The body of 58-year-old Mary Cuevas-Garcia was found inside the luggage at a Dumpster near 3906 Ivywood Lane on Oct. 17. She had several identifying tattoos that police released photos of — a female clown and two of hearts. She was wearing an Air Force T-shirt, police said.

On Wednesday, police announced that the detail of Cuevas-Garcia's dismemberment had been withheld from the public for the investigation. They continue to search for her missing body parts, police said.

Surveillance footage showed a man drive up to the Dumpster in a blue vehicle about 5 a.m. The man is seen flipping the lid open, removing the luggage from his trunk and tossing the suitcase inside, just after two vehicles drive past on Ivywood Lane.

Cuevas-Garcia's son, 36-year-old Anthony Cuevas, was arrested Friday on suspicion of his mother's murder. Officers also arrested Cuevas' wife, Melanie Cuevas, on a warrant for criminal impersonation, police said. 


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