A look at the development of what began as a peaceful protest against police brutality, organized by friends of a man who was fatally shot by a Colorado Springs police officer on Saturday.

In a protest against police brutality Monday morning, friends of the teenager fatally shot by a Colorado Springs police officer gathered at City Hall, 107 N. Nevada Ave., then walked the Police Operations Center, 705 S. Nevada Ave.

12:51 - Police are asking protesters to leave the area. About 17 officers with clear shields are standing at the corner of Rio Grande and Nevada about 50 feet in front of the angry protesters. More than 30 officers are lined up along the Police Operations Center.

12:34 - Police are running out of the building and the two men are handcuffed on the ground.

12:33 p.m. - Two white men on motorcyclists stopped at the protest and pulled out two guns. More than 30 people are fighting in the street in front of the police center.

11:54 a.m.  Protesters have entered the first doorway of the POC and are chanting “No justice, no peace.” About a dozen officers are behind the glass windows staring back at them.

11:12 a.m. - Dozens of people are here to protest in front of City Hall. Many have homemade signs. One says, “CSPD condones murder.” Another says, “Police brutality kills yet another.”

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The protest comes after Saturday's shooting that left a man, identified by witnesses as 19-year-old De'von Bailey, dead. The event description mentions that no violence will be used in Monday's protest.

Witnesses say robbery suspect killed by Colorado Springs police was shot while fleeing

Officers responded Saturday to reports of a robbery in the 2400 block of East Fountain Boulevard at about 6:45 p.m. Officers spotted two suspects in the 2100 block of Manitoba Drive, about a half-mile north of the reported robbery when one of the suspects allegedly ran, then reached for a gun, police said. At least one of the officers fired at the suspect.

This marks the seventh shooting this year in Colorado Springs that involves at least one officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Five of the seven shootings were deadly.

Read more about the shooting and witness accounts here.



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