Polis expands on health-care plans he'd use as governor
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Running for governor of Colorado, Rep. Jared Polis, speaks during the Health Care Policy announcement event in front of the office of Dr. Christine A. Ebert-Santos on Monday in Frisco.

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis presented a “100-Day Roadmap” on health care Monday, laying out the quick steps he would take if he’s elected.

“This plan is a road map for immediate action we can take to expand coverage, improve quality and, most of all, reduce costs — both for families and for small businesses,” the four-term congressman said in a news release after a press conference in Frisco.

“Coloradans are getting ripped off on health care, and it’s time for it to end,” Polis said. “We’re going to build a health care system where every Coloradan, no matter where they live in our great state, has access to affordable, high-quality care for themselves and their family.”

Polis supports a Medicare-for-all approach, ensuring that those who gained insurance under Obamacare keep it, while expanding its transparency, availability and quality.

The campaign said Polis would quickly work to:

• Make hospital stays more affordable by increasing transparency on charges versus costs.

• Reduce “price gouging” on prescription drugs.

• Reduce bureaucratic waste and reform the payment system.

• Expand mental health treatment.

• Reduce delays in Medicaid reimbursements.

• Strengthen the Division of Insurance’s consumer watchdog role.

• Propose a statewide geographic rating and reconfiguration of rating zones for rural rate protection.

• Establish a state reinsurance program to reduce risk and costs for insurers.

Republican opponent Walker Stapleton’s campaign called the map a thinly disguised single-payer, government-run system. “While Congressman Polis touts his radical, government-run health care ‘plan’ on the campaign trail, Coloradans should know he has no idea how to pay for or implement it,” Stapleton spokesman Jerrod Dobkin said.

“King Jared may think he can pull a fast one on voters, but it’s time Coloradans are introduced to the real Jared Polis: an above-average salesman with no ability to deliver on the empty promises he sells.”

Staging the news conference in the high country made sense. Mountain communities pay higher insurance rates than metro Denver residents do, based on how companies rate regions.

Colorado Politics senior political reporter

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