Police handcuffs on the table (copy)

Colorado Springs police found a stolen vehicle early Wednesday morning with the help of a tracking dart Castle Rock police stuck to the vehicle, law enforcement said.

Castle Rock police tried to stop a stolen vehicle from Colorado Springs around 12:47 a.m., but before the vehicle sped off, officers stuck a dart with Global Positioning System tracking to the vehicle's bumper, Colorado Springs police said.

The darts, used by several departments in Colorado, use a finger-sized GPS transmitter with a sticky tip that can be launched at fleeing vehicles. The device uses the Space Force's Global Positioning System, controlled by troops at Schriever Space Force Base in Colorado Springs, to transmit its precise location, which officers can track.

Castle Rock police tracked the vehicle using the GPS and found it entered Colorado Springs jurisdiction. Castle Rock officers directed Colorado Springs police to the vehicle, officers said.

After a cat and mouse pursuit, officers eventually tracked the vehicle to a dead-end road near Wood Terrace Drive and Culebra Avenue, police said.

Officers say they removed the driver, 34-year-old Levi Stewart, from the vehicle after he refused to exit.  Stewart was taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and later booked into the El Paso County jail on suspicion of auto theft, officers said.

The vehicle was returned to the owner after the tracking dart was removed, police said.

Records show Stewart was held in the El Paso County jail in lieu of $2,000 bail.

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