Little Man Ice Cream, enuf said

Little Man Ice Cream, enuf said. If you've discovered that quirky, milk-jug shaped ice cream spot in Denver's trendy Highlands neighborhood north of Mile High Stadium, you know why I'm happy happy happy. The unique ice cream flavors are wonderful, Little Man is open until midnight, and a new shop, an ice cream parlor, is opening, probably in February, at 3506 E. 12th Ave. in Denver. Sweet Cooie's, we'll be there for scoops the minute your doors open! ~Linda Navarro

The New York Times Book of the Dead

The "Book of the Dead" - a morose title, but a good addition to your library. It was published near the end of 2016, a bulky block of a book stocked with 320 New York Times obituaries of extraordinary people. One chapter is "the Old West," with life stories on Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. "Popular Music" is another chapter, featuring final words on Janis Joplin and Miles Davis. The trove goes on with chapters like "Thinkers," "Warriors," "Groundbreakers," and "Athletes." As if the pages weren't enough, a web-key gives you access to 10,000 obits in the Times' digital archives. ~Seth Boster

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