Philharmonic to preview concert season at Wild Goose Meeting House

The Colorado Springs Philharmonic will preview its concert season Sunday at Wild Goose Meeting House.

Step into the Wild Goose Meeting House on any weekend night and you'll most likely find the place packed with people young and old, sipping artisan coffee or craft beer on tap with their attention up front: on the musicians. The acts are eclectic, ranging from acoustic to jazz to reggae.

That's how the owner of the joint, now into its second summer, likes it.

"I love jazz, indie rock stuff, symphony; they all move me in different ways," Russ Ware said. "When I go to the Philharmonic, I'm deeply moved."

Which is why he's pleased to host members of the city's professional orchestra - the Colorado Springs Philharmonic - at his place Sunday night.

Up front will be violinist Cynthia Robinson, principal clarinetist Sergei Vassiliev and bassoonist Alejandro Vieriaas. The trio will play classical compositions for two hours and will speak about the pieces in between.

"It's a good place to relax," said Ashton Encarnacion, advancement coordinator with the Philharmonic, "and it's a good place to possibly scout for something new to do."

The event is intended to promote the orchestra's 90th anniversary concert season as well as its newest program: the Center Mix, started last year as a series of four concerts reserved for young professionals to meet around classical music. The shows end with a happy hour at a bar around the city. One of this year's shows is " Star Trek"-themed. Another is James Bond-themed. Another centers around music composed by Paul Hindemith, first performed in 1934 in Berlin and labeled "degenerate" by the Nazis.

"We're trying to find things that would engage in a common sense, and also provide a kind of uniqueness to this age group," Encarnacion said. "We want to reintroduce traditional classic in a fun, engaging way."

At the preview, there will be a drawing for a subscription to this year's Center Mix performances.

Ware attended Center Mix concerts last season.

"I'm not particularly the type who thinks, Oh my gosh, there's this old form of music and it's something we have to preserve, as much as I just think it is what it is, and there's not any reason to not want to continue to experience that," he said.

"I think if someone's ambivalent about that, it may be because they haven't experienced it."

Seth Boster, The Gazette, 636-0332,


6 p.m. Sunday, free, the Wild Goose Meeting House, 401 N. Tejon St.,

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