Organizers of a petition drive to recall Democratic Gov. Jared Polis failed to collect enough signatures to put the recall to a vote.

Dismiss Polis and the Resist Polis political action committees launched the petition drive 60 days ago in response to actions by the governor in his first year in office. Those included signing bills on the National Popular Vote, revisions to the state's sex education curriculum, the red-flag gun law and reforms to oil and gas regulations. 

Karen Kataline, spokeswoman for Dismiss Polis, said her group had collected just over 300,000 of the 631,266 valid signatures needed to put the recall to a vote. They are still counting petitions, she said, and estimated they could reach nearly half a million signatures. 

Kataline said the petitions will not be turned in to the Secretary of State's Office. That will allow those who signed the recall petition to sign another recall petition, should someone bring that forward during Polis' first term.

This story will be updated.

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