El Paso County Department of Public Works' contractor plans to install a pedestrian curb ramp at a heavily trafficked intersection in Falcon, a county news release announced Thursday.

The county scheduled the crews to install ADA compatible pedestrian curb ramps starting Tuesday April 20 at the intersection of Rolling Thunder Way and Meridian Road, the release said.

Once installed, the new ramps will simplify pedestrians' movement at the intersection, but in the meantime, the project will impact traffic patterns while crews work on the ramps, the release said.

Drivers in the area should be aware that crews plan to reduce southbound and northbound Meridian Road to one lane at the intersection and a stretch of Meridian Road south of the intersection will remain closed while crews complete a different construction project at the intersection of US 24 and Meridian Road, the release said.

The project, which the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority funded, is expected to last about four weeks and will wrap up in late spring 2021.

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