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Academy School District 20 has closed Chinook Trail middle and elementary school for Tuesday after learning of a planned protest outside the middle school.

Despite assurances from Chinook Trail Middle School officials that reported threats made over the weekend and Monday were not credible, parents of the school still voiced their concerns over social media. 

In a email sent to parents of the District 20 school, Principal Tom Andrew said that rumors regarding a threat to the school began circulating over the weekend and Monday. In bold letters, one line of Andrew's message reads, "This situation has been dealt with and all rumored threats have been investigated by CSPD and deemed non-credible."  Andrews told parents that the safety of the school's students and staff is "paramount."

However, some parents are still concerned about the social media activity of Instagram profiles which could be connected to the same person or group of people. One profile shows juveniles holding various types of firearms with provocative captions. 

The photos have some parents saying in a Facebook group, they will hold their kids from school in response. 

Late Tuesday night, one of the accounts allegedly associated with the student posted a message apologizing for the posts. 

"They may not be returning at all to be honest. So disappointed in this school," one parent said. 

"I just asked with my kids dad and we agree we are not ok with how this is being handled and we won't be sending our child to school tomorrow," another user said. 

"I'm sorry for posting those picture and the guns are not even mine. They were my friend's guns and the pics were took [sic] last year. I'm so sorry for all this and I had no bad intentions," the Instagram user said.  

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