Mark Kennedy

The Colorado Board of Regents unanimously chose University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy as finalist to preside over the University of Colorado.

What is it about higher education muckety-mucks leaving North Dakota and blaming their problems on racism?

Is it them? Or is it North Dakota?

Mark Kennedy, who will leave his job as University of North Dakota president to take a similar position at the University of Colorado, told a Colorado newspaper that the controversy over him attempting to have his chief of staff work remotely was racially motivated. And sexist. And regional, too.

Damn Yankees.

"I fear that part of the reason that that article got as much attention as it did is some people couldn't understand how a young African-American woman from the South could be as qualified and worthy" to do the job as others, Kennedy told the Boulder Daily Camera. "I'm quite confident it is about more than remote working."

Ouch. And wrong.


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