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Photo Credit: cinoby (iStock).

Things continue to dry out in Colorado, with 100 percent of the state now experiencing some form of drought.

Data published by the US Drought Monitor shows a slight uptick in drought compared to last week when 99.3 percent of the state was experiencing drought. This has now expanded to encompass the entire state.

Perhaps most notably, the portion of the state experiencing stage 2 (severe) drought or worse has increased from 90.39 percent to 97.23 percent in the past week. More than half the state (59.23 percent) remains in stage three (extreme) drought or worse and 16.72 percent of the state is experiencing "exceptional" drought, the fourth and worst stage of drought.

Dry conditions are expected to continue in Colorado, though there is a chance for light snow in the high country this weekend. As dry, windy conditions continue, fire danger is expected to stay high.

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