Ray Holt grew up in Colorado Springs spending a lot of time at the Knob Hill Auction Barn with his family. “We took vegetables down to the auction to peddle every Saturday,” he said. As he listened to the auctioneer selling, Holt would be chanting along. Eventually he was clerking for the auctions and even filled in for the auctioneer one time when he was sick.


Eventually he went on to found Holt & Associates in 1976, and they’ve been a leader in the Pikes Peak region auction and appraisal industry ever since. Ray’s son Kevin joined him in 1990 to help grow the company and carry the business into the next generation.


Keeping a close watch on consumer shopping trends throughout the years, Holt & Associates is eager to now guide their auction business into a new era. Technology has breached nearly every trade in today’s world, and thanks to continually expanding capabilities, Holt & Associates is advancing too.


Transforming their auction business to an online auction site, Holt & Associates is excited about gaining the capacity to reach even more people and be more efficient, while remaining firmly dedicated to carrying on the values and integrity that the family business was built on.


“Many people who have items to sell are apprehensive about having a lineup of strangers come to their home to view the items,” Kevin said. “On the other hand, people enjoy the convenience of shopping online, yet feel uneasy about the issues of security and privacy.”


That’s why before launching this new venture, Kevin spent over 20 years thoughtfully designing an online auctioning concept that is specifically geared to help both buyers and sellers feel confident about safety and security.


“S.O.S., or Sold On Site, is an advanced approach, crafted to guarantee our clients well-being and protection during the online auction process,” he said. “Sellers are able to remain completely anonymous knowing their privacy is protected.”


Through S.O.S. online auctioning, Holt & Associates will conduct live simulcast auctions for people all over the world to participate in. Items will be presented to registered on-line bidders who can then place bids on their chosen item.


“S.O.S. creates a better way for us to help people,” Kevin said. “The online auction will include live and absentee bidding, letting customers choose a starting bid, as well as a not-to-exceed bid.”


Holt & Associates and their team of select Professional Appraisers are well-qualified to provide Fair Market Values on a full range of items to include: Antiques, Firearms, Fine Art, Furnishings, Vehicles, Heavy Equipment and much more.

“All of our appraisers meet the strict requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice,” Ray said.

At the seller’s location, Holt & Associates will evaluate and photograph the items for sale, leaving the items with the seller until they are sold. Once sold, Holt & Associates will arrange the pick up of the items and ship them to the new owner.  Sellers don’t have to worry about strangers coming to their home or transporting their items to another location for the auction.

“We believe our new S.O.S. program, will help us meet our clients’ needs in the best way possible and that is what drives us,” Kevin said.

Besides changing over to a modern-day approach to auctions, Holt & Associates clients are still certain to enjoy a down–to–earth, personalized approach implemented with honesty and integrity by experts in the business, just like they always have.


“We’re still running an old-fashioned business,” said Ray, “and adding a new concept in technology.”

For more information, visit HoltAuction.com

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