A 20-year-old man who reportedly fired a BB gun at pedestrians, passing cars and Monument police officers was shot and killed Sunday at his home, his family said.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby confirmed a person had been shot by an officer at an apartment on Second Street in Monument, but said she did not know what the person’s condition was.

Crystina Page, the man’s mother, said the family waited hours without being told by police whether her son was alive or dead. His father, Dan Phalen, said he found out his son had died shortly before 10 p.m.

Monument resident Paula Egantu, a friend of the man’s grandmother, said the man has a history of depression and anger issues for which he had sought treatment.

“They’d put a Band-Aid on it but it wouldn’t last,” she said of his attempts to get help for his mental illnesses.

Page said she was told Sunday morning by her mother, who shares the Second Street apartment with her grandson, that he had caused a disturbance and broken out windows.

Sunday afternoon, neighbors reported hearing shots being fired.

Brian Mann of Black Forest was driving through Monument when he heard a loud bang from a pellet hitting his pickup. Mann said he saw the barrel of a BB gun sticking out a window of a nearby home.

“He was shooting at every car and every person walking by,” Mann said.

The Army veteran got out of his truck and confronted the shooter, who he said was laughing as he fired.

“He kind of seemed like he was out of it,” Mann said.

A Monument officer then drove up, he said, and ordered him to get out of the area.

Neighbors said when Monument police arrived, he fired at their vehicles, striking them several times.

Nearby residents received a warning from the Sheriff’s Office about 4:30 p.m., telling them to remain indoors because of police activity.

Page said she and a friend went to the apartment, where they heard shots fired before they had a chance to talk to her son. Ever since, she said they’ve been at the police station, where they’ve been unable to find out anything about her son. “We’ve been fed pizza and bulls---,” she said.

Kirby has not said whether a Monument police officer or a sheriff’s SWAT deputy shot the man. The shooting, she said, will be investigated by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Shootings involving law enforcement officers are typically investigated by an agency not involved in the shooting. The findings are turned over to the District Attorney’s Office, which determines if the use of deadly force was justified.

The Gazette’s Lance Benzel contributed to this report.

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