NOREEN: Watering restrictions are here again

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The time for hope and renewal – especially for flower beds in the city’s parks and medians. Last year Colorado Springs didn’t have money to water medians and cut back drastically in many parks.

As green gave way to brown, a certain shabbiness set in. Without water, flowers were not planted in the 56 places that had been covered by the all-volunteer Springs in Bloom effort.

“It broke our hearts,” said Beverly Beasley, one of the volunteers who planted the flower bed at the intersection of Cascade Avenue and Willamette Street for the last few years. We considered planting our own flowers and bringing in our own water, but we didn’t.”

After all, Beasley and other members of the Centennial Chapter 58 Order of the Eastern Star don’t live near the flower bed and it would have been a real job to carry in the water for the entire summer season.

Although hope springs eternal, the same is not true for sales tax revenues. But they are bouncing back, and the Springs in Bloom program is blooming again. The water will be turned on. Like the arrival of the equinox, there is just no way you’re going to stop someone like Beverly Beasley.

“This is our chance to make it look good again,” Beasley said. “We prayed a lot for it. We’re just hoping for the best, and we’ll see how much water we get.”

This week, Donna Sanchez of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department said “We’ve got 36 of the beds adopted out of 52 locations. Most of the beds that are left are sizable, so we advise teams of at least four people.”

Taking care of even one of the smaller flower beds is a substantial undertaking lasting from May through October, “one of the longest-term volunteer commitments we have,” Sanchez said.

It also results in one of the more visible improvements anyone can see right away. Sure, when things have gotten tough in recent years, charmless Blue Meanies have suggested the appearance of the parks and medians isn’t important.

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As always, of course, the Blue Meanies are wrong. A splash of color here and there, a gurgling Uncle Wilber – these things are both tangible and symbolic evidence of a thriving city.

“For us it’s fun to go out there and get our hands in the dirt,” Beasley said with a chuckle.

Want to volunteer? Click your way to

Don’t care to volunteer? That’s OK.

Just make sure, as you drive past the flower beds this year, that you quietly celebrate your city. Celebrate hope, renewal and the volunteers who help make it possible.

Celebrate the Centennial Chapter 58 Order of the Eastern Star, and what Beverly Beasley calls “that little thing called city pride.”

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