Photo via the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Southeast Region Twitter page. 

A Colorado woman won’t be facing charges after stopping to put an injured bobcat in the backseat of her SUV next to her three-year-old son, according to a report from CBS Denver.

The woman initially stopped to help the injured bobcat that was reportedly struck by another vehicle in the Colorado Springs area. Wildlife officials arrived on the scene, where they found the 25-pound bobcat “unrestrained and wrapped under a blanket” in the back of the woman’s SUV.

When removed from the vehicle, the bobcat was alert, hissing, and growling. It was later euthanized due to internal injuries and paralyzed rear legs. Luckily, the woman and her son escaped with no injuries.

Never pick up wild animals. Bobcats are dangerous and unpredictable, like much of the wildlife in Colorado. Not to mention, bobcats are equipped with large teeth and claws. If you encounter wildlife that appears sick, injured, or in need of care, please contact your local Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.

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