Colorado Springs commuters at dawn Thursday, March 21, 2013. (Gazette file photo)

Colorado Springs has some of the safest drivers in the U.S., says an Allstate Corp. study released Tuesday.

Colorado Springs ranked 13th among the nation's 200 largest cities, which were analyzed and ranked by collision frequency as determined by Allstate claims, said the America's Best Drivers Report 2019.

"The goal of the America's Best Drivers Report is to make our roads safer and ultimately save lives," said Ken Rosen, Allstate's chief claims officer, in a news release. "Each of us needs to ask how we can do our part in our day-to-day lives and for our communities. And beyond that, this country needs to come together to address pressing safety issues, such as rebuilding our roadway infrastructure to reduce risky conditions on America’s roads."

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Among five other Colorado cities, Fort Collins ranked seventh, the best in the state, and Aurora ranked 92nd, the worst in Colorado. Denver ranked 83rd; Thornton, 30th; and Lakewood, 39th.

The most dangerous city for drivers was Baltimore, Md., the study said.




Evan is a 2019 intern at The Gazette. He is a Colorado Springs native who is currently a student at Northwestern University.

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