El Paso Count Courthouse

photo by Carol Lawrence 3/4/06 The entrance of the El Paso County Terry R. Harris Judicial Complex on Tejon Street with the reflection of the Pioneers Museum in the background.

Gov. John Hickenlooper this week appointed a new judge to the El Paso County Court, rounding out changes that will bring three new arrivals to the county bench.

Samuel Evig of Colorado Springs will fill a vacancy left by Christopher Acker, who failed in November to win retention to a new term.

Evig was chosen Monday from a field that also included El Paso County prosecutor Sam Burney and Steven John Paul, who practices insurance defense for an Englewood law firm.

His appointment is effective Jan. 8. It is Hickenlooper’s 185th and final court appointment in his eight years in office.

Two other new county court judges will also be sworn in on Jan. 8.

Meredith Ann Patrick Cord and Dulce Denise Peacock were appointed in August to fill vacancies left by the impending retirements of Stephen Sletta, a 27-year veteran, and Regina Walter, who served in the county court for 10 years and as a juvenile magistrate for 21 years.

El Paso County Court judges handle civil cases under $15,000, misdemeanors, traffic infractions, protection orders, and small claims.

El Paso County’s District Court, where felonies and major lawsuits are heard, will receive one new judge, former public defender Chad Miller. He succeeds Judge Theresa Cisneros, who retires after 21 years on the bench.

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