Police handcuffs on the table

A multiagency task force recently arrested two men on suspicion of sexual exploitation of children, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Christopher Austin Sanchez, 23, and David Earl Russell, 55, were arrested in separate cases, police said. Both men could face multiple felony charges.

The Colorado Springs Internet Crimes Against Children task force, comprised of local detectives, sheriff’s deputies, and federal agents, executed a search warrant in the 300 block of Catalina Court on Thursday and found more than 20 child pornography videos, according to court records. The task force issued an arrest warrant for Sanchez, who turned himself in to authorities the following day.

Acting on a tip from the Colorado Department of Corrections parole division, the task force found enough evidence Thursday to arrest Russell, who was already in custody on a parole hold. Russell is considered a habitual sex offender, according to court records.

Sexual exploitation of a child is a felony in Colorado, punishable by up to 12 years in prison and $750,000 in fines, according to state criminal statutes.



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