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LANSING, Mich. — A man suspected of a home invasion kept police officers at bay for more than two hours in Lansing before he challenged them with a gun and was fatally shot, the police chief said Friday.

Terrozza Griffin, 24, was killed Thursday night after a standoff, a house fire and an exchange of gunfire, Chief Mike Yankowski said.

"We do believe that we have a justified police shooting at this time," Yankowski told reporters.

Twelve officers were placed on administrative leave while state police investigate the shooting. Yankowski said all played a different role in the incident.

Officers responded to a call about someone inside a house. Police used a phone and other means to talk to Griffin. After two hours, officers noticed fire and smoke, entered the home and were met with gunfire, Yankowski said.

The officers retreated but were challenged again before several officers fired at Griffin, the chief said.

The owner of the home told police that Griffin, a Lansing resident, had no reason to be there "at that point in time," Yankowski said.

No officers were injured.


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