Well locations

This map, which accompanied a 15,000-page report on perfluorinated contamination at the Air Force Academy shows the location of nearby wells. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Envirnment warned well-users south of the academy to switch to bottled water until their groundwater can be tested for the toxic chemicals. (Air Force Map)

A meeting scheduled for Thursday evening to discuss the discovery of toxic “forever chemicals” at the Air Force Academy has been postponed while organizers search for a bigger venue.

A new date for the meeting, which was slated to be held at Woodmen Valley Chapel, has not been announced.

Two weeks ago, the academy released a 15,000-page report showing that groundwater flowing into Monument Creek had been contaminated by toxic perfluorinated chemicals. The chemicals have been used for decades in various household items, as well as a firefighting foam used at military installations across the world.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said about 30 domestic or household wells exist within one mile downstream of the academy.

People with such wells have been told to switch to bottled water until their wells are tested for the chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, liver disease and high cholesterol.

The academy’s pollution comes two years after wells in Security, Widefield and Fountain were found to contain unsafe levels of the chemicals. That pollution was tied to use of the firefighting foam at Peterson Air Force Base.

Water districts in southern El Paso County have since spent millions on systems to filter the chemicals out of drinking water or replace water from the Widefield aquifer with clean water obtained from surface sources by Colorado Springs Utilities.

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