John Suthers

Mayor John Suthers

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers responded to Gov. Jared Polis recommendation Thursday that an independent review be conducted into the Colorado Springs police shooting of 19-year-old De'Von Bailey.

Here is the response from Suthers:

“The Fourth Judicial District protocol for investigating an officer involved shooting is in accordance with the law passed by the legislature, and the governor cites no legal or ethical basis that should cause the fourth judicial district (which includes El Paso and Teller Counties) district attorney charged with the responsibility to make a charging decision to recuse himself. In this instance the governor appears politically motivated. Of note, he does not take the position that every district attorney in every judicial district in Colorado, including Denver, Boulder and Pueblo, should recuse themselves from making decisions in officer involved shootings in their districts.

Gov. Polis' call for independent investigation into police shooting of De'Von Bailey brings strong response from Mayor John Suthers

I'm concerned that he suggests a precedence with impacts he has not yet considered and does not understand, to include undermining the will of the people, who elected the public officials charged with carrying out legal responsibilities.

Some in our community are experiencing a great deal of emotion. I recognize that and empathize with all impacted. But this is a time for healing and allowing legal processes to run their course and not to act with political expedience.”


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