Arslan Guney drew little lines to indicate where rec center workers should place yellow markings for pickleball matches.

Arslan Guney, a 71-year-old grandfather who was arrested in March after marking up a Denver Parks and Recreation pickleball court with a Sharpie, is off the hook.

Guney's bond was released Wednesday and Denver prosecutors agreed to seal his arrest record on criminal mischief charges.

Guney was accused of causing nearly $10,000 in damage to Denver's Central Park Recreation Center basketball floor when he drew little lines to indicate where rec center workers should place yellow markings for the matches there. 

"It was all a misunderstanding," said Guney's attorney, Hollynd Hoskins, who added that her client was trying to help mark the pickleball court perimeter as a volunteer and asked for the magic marker from the front desk before he drew around four dozen small lines on the gym floor.

When Parks and Recreation staff members realized what he was doing, they called police. 

"He looks to see if anyone's coming," rec center employees can be heard telling a Denver police officer on a body-camera recording as they watch surveillance video of the incident.

The video, sent to The Denver Gazette by Hoskins, showed Guney in sweats and tennis shoes walking around the basketball court, bending as he drew.

"He was a known, dedicated volunteer of the rec center," said Hoskins. "It's sad. He was just trying to help them out." 

Linda Guney, Arslan Guney's wife of 45 years, said she became distraught when she found out her husband could be sentenced to three years in prison. She drove him to police headquarters, where he surrendered to authorities.

Arslan Guney was in jail for 10 hours before he was released on bond.

"I was hysterical," said Linda Guney, who said that since then, she has spent her days and nights fretting that her husband might have to serve a prison sentence.

"It was extremely embarrassing," she added. 

Arslan Guney was one of the few defendants in Denver County Court on Wednesday not dressed in an orange jumpsuit. 

"I have a nice suit that I only wear to weddings and funerals. It was new to me to go to court in that suit," said Guney, whose new nickname is Mayor of Pickleball. "I'm glad it's all over. It's been stressful."

Guney told a judge Wednesday that he would pay for half of the damage. A sports hardwood company has offered to donate two days of work to redo the entire floor.

GoFundMe called "Help Mayor of Pickleball Settle the Goof-Up!" will help pay for the damage, and if there is any money left, Guney wants every dollar to go toward bringing his love for pickleball to underserved communities, detention facilities and at-risk kids.

He also agreed to write Parks and Recreation an apology letter.

"It's been two months of hardship and sadness," Guney said. "I'm ready to get back and start volunteering again."

And with that, he was off to play a match. 

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