A La Plata County jury convicted Mark Redwine of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death on Friday, more than eight years after killing his 13-year-old son, Dylan.

There was a brief outcry from the gallery after La Plata County District Court Chief Judge Jeffrey R. Wilson read the outcome of the first count of murder.

Redwine showed no emotion as he stood with hands laced in front of him. Wilson subsequently ordered Redwine held without bond prior to his sentencing.

"Mark is going to be penalized for what he did to my son and he knows as well as us that he was the one who took Dylan's life," Dylan's mother Elaine Hall told 9News after the verdict.

"We are honored to be able to achieve justice for Dylan and his family, and we are forever grateful for the hard work, dedication, and support of the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office, the 20th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, and all those in our community who supported us along the way," said Sixth Judicial District Attorney Christian Champagne after the verdict.

Prosecutors accused Redwine, 59, of killing his son around the Thanksgiving 2012 holiday during Dylan's court-appointed visit to Redwine's home near Durango.

Dylan had confronted his father over graphic photographs of Redwine dressed in women's underwear and eating what appeared to be feces from a diaper.

After Dylan’s older brother, Cory Redwine, testified in court that the siblings discovered the photos on their father’s computer, the prosecution argued that the discovery led to a slow decline in the way Dylan saw his father and their closeness.

“A damaged relationship, exposed with compromising photographs, photographs in the hands of a 13-year-old who is disgusted by it, which triggered a violent rage in the defendant,” prosecutor Fred Johnson, said at trial. The Boulder County District Attorney's Office was brought in to present the case to the jury.

Dylan was reported missing on Nov. 19, 2012. A discovery of his partial remains occurred seven months later, and in 2015 hikers found Dylan's skull.

Redwine did not testify in his own defense, and his attorney argued Dylan ran away from home and died from an animal attack.

Mark Redwine had told investigators that his son was asleep when he woke up that morning, and that he returned from errands to find him gone. A woman who Redwine dated testified that the blood appearing in Redwine's home came from a finger cut of Dylan's a year before his disappearance.

Public defender Justin Bogan said during closing arguments that the jury should consider any reasonable doubt arising from the prosecution’s speculation on the motive as well as the lack of DNA evidence, weapon and cause of death.

Attorneys delivered opening statements on June 21, and testimony ended Wednesday. Dozens took the witness stand during the trial, including members of the search and rescue team who first looked for Dylan, animal behavioral experts who testified about bear hibernation and DNA analysts.

"The right person was held accountable," Cory Redwine said. "It was a relief for all of our family that the hard work paid off with a guilty verdict. When all the past nine years get boiled down into that last 30 minutes it definitely has a strong effect inside the courtroom.

Dylan's disappearance was the topic of a podcast installment of television legal analyst Nancy Grace, as well as a "Dr. Phil" episode featuring Redwine and Dylan's mother in 2013.

"People wanna say that I'm behind it. I absolutely had nothing to do with Dylan's disappearance," Redwine said on the show.

Police in Washington arrested Redwine on suspicion of murder in 2017. Jury selection began for the trial in mid-June of this year. There had been many postponements to the trial in the past four years, including for COVID-19-related reasons.

Redwine's sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 8 at 9 a.m.

9News contributed to this report.

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