Like a vintage bottle of wine or a piece of fine jewelry, a beautiful fur can serve as a luxury treat now and a timeless family heirloom for generations to come. Think it’s beyond your pay grade or day-to-day lifestyle? Denver’s family owned and operated ML Furs challenges you to think again.

For 40 years, ML Furs owners and co-presidents Richard and Kimberly Gross have shared their passion for beautiful furs with Denver and the world. From their longtime storefront at 263 Josephine Street in the Cherry Creek area to their convenient, modern online space of, Richard, Kimberly and their team members offer a family oriented atmosphere, along with their expertise to fur novices and aficionados. 

“We modernized a very traditional business to make it practical for the everyday woman,” Richard said. “We sell designer brands that are affordable, yet luxurious; stylish, yet quite attainable.”

From price point to style pains, Richard and Kimberly have heard every excuse for avoiding fur. “We know everything there is to know about fur, and what we know is it is truly a luxury for all,” Kimberly said. 

The Rocky Mountain fur experts dispelled four common myths about purchasing, wearing and caring for fur garments.

MYTH: “Wearing fur is an outdated look.”

Afraid of looking like your grandmother? Not to fear, ML Furs is here to help you stay youthful and fresh. “Most people haven’t realized that fur has modernized along with the rest of fashion,” Kimberly said. From classic and modern ladylike stylings to sleek menswear collections in a variety of current cuts, ML Furs is constantly surprising customers by having its finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends. Its team travels the world purchasing items for its clients from designers like Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Guy Laroche. ML Furs also features home goods like fur throws and area rugs, which can be custom designed, and can restyle a vintage piece to suit your modern taste.

MYTH: “Fur is far too expensive.”

Richard and Kimberly simply do not agree. “We have items for all budgets and price points,” Kimberly said. “We strive to make pieces appropriately priced for anyone who wants to start or add to their fur collection.” Not to mention the longevity a fur piece brings to your family’s wardrobe. There are even environmental perks. “Because it’s a natural product, fur is biodegradable,” Richard said. “It will never sit in a landfill.” ML Furs offers layaway and hosts flash and seasonal sales at, which accepts a variety of forms of payment, including PayPal. The site is extremely secure and all U.S. orders come with free shipping. 

MYTH: “I don’t go anywhere fancy enough for fur.”

Simply put, fur is not what it used to be. No longer shelved for swanky galas and holiday parties, many designers are incorporating the once-luxury material into practical, everyday pieces. “We have a lot of reversible and lightweight jackets,” Kimberly said. offers shoppers the chance to peruse collections with no pressure to purchase immediately. Have questions? Live chat with an ML Furs representative or give the store a call for more information on an item. Still not convinced? “Come in and try it on, you just might be surprised at how much you love it and want to wear it as often as your favorite pieces,” Kimberly said. 

MYTH: “Caring for fur is too complicated.”

You’ve invested in fur and you want to care well for it, but where do you begin? Let ML Furs do the heavy lifting for you. The store offers cleaning, glazing (a moisturizing process to help preserve your fur) along with both annual and seasonal storage to protect your garments from pests and excess moisture or dryness. The ML Furs team also does appraisals, trade-ins, repairs, alterations, monograms and custom creations on any item or garment. From a variety of minks to lynx, sable, fox, coyote, swakara and shearling furs, ML Furs has endless options. In its four decades of doing business in the industry, you can trust ML Furs to go the extra mile for your wardrobe and family.

Visit or call 1-303-322-2287 or 1-877-653-3877 today to grow your fur collection and enjoy luxury at your level.

Pikes Peak Newspapers, Editor

Hannah Blick has lived in the Pikes Peak region for six years. She studied journalism at Kansas State University and enjoys biking, skiing and hiking in the Rockies.

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