A bartender at the Golden Moon Speakeasy is seen on restaurant surveillance video being shoved to the ground by a customer after the owner of the bar said the bartender confronted the man for not wearing a mask.

John Roche, 62, now faces trespassing and harassment charges. The bar owner, Stephen Gould, said his employee has a bruised back and had to take a day off work and that Roche, “walked in clearly looking to start a fight.”

Gould said Roche arrived at the restaurant without a mask and asked for a table. When the employee told Roche he needed to have a mask when he’s not seated, he responded, “I'll wear a damn mask when I want to wear masks,” according to Gould. He said Gould began cursing at the employee who told Roche he was “being a dick” which led to the shove that knocked the bartender through the doorway and onto the ground.

"Even if you don't believe the data, it's the law," Gould said of mask effectiveness. "We could get shut down. What's unreasonable is somebody being so selfish and self-centered that they're going to walk into any business, not just mine, demand that they be above the law and then get violent when someone says, I'm sorry, it's the law.”

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