Christy, Will and five day old Gabriel Lowry. The Centennial couple have two older children, so they couldn't make it to Thursday's Stanley Cup parade, but they're fine with that. They named Gabriel after Avs captain Gabriel Landeskog.

Big Gabriel, meet Little Gabriel.

Will and Christy Lowry’s bellowing baby boy needed a name. Born a week early, just 28 minutes into June 26, 2022, the Lowrys wondered if it was a meant-to-be hockey miracle.

“We thought that on the off-chance, the serendipitous moment that he was born, if the Avs win the Stanley Cup, we would look at the roster,” said Christy.

On the afternoon of their baby's first day, as the Avs warmed up for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Centennial couple considered the name of each player.

Artturi was a decent possibility, but it didn’t sing with “Lowry.”





Gabriel Boone Lowry was born just minutes into the day the Avs would win their first Stanley Cup in 21 years. 

Two hours before the Avs took the ice, the Lowrys' third child got a name.

Gabriel Boone Lowry. Boone for blessing. Gabriel for Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog, who has about 29 years, 6 feet and 211 pounds on his 5-day old namesake. The Lowrys think they’ll call him “Gabe” or maybe even “Captain.”

Christy figures six must be a lucky number. Born on 6/26, Gabe was 6 pounds, 6 ounces, born on the day of the sixth game.

Christy didn't become an avid Avs fan until the last Stanley Cup championship.  A lacrosse player, she said hockey is a Lowry family affair.

Gabe’s great-great grandfather George Lowry played at McGill University in 1917 and his great-grandfather Bob was a physician for the minor league Muskegon Mohawks. Will and his dad Bruce, a retired Denver anesthesiologist, played hockey, and his sister Katie was a forward on the DU women’s club team.

Despite the stars aligning, for Gabe, the Lowrys say there’s no pressure on him to skate before he can walk.

“Hockey will be on the television in our household. He can join me if he wants to,” said Will. “He already got to watch the Avs win the Stanley Cup on his first day on the planet.”