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Another round of snow and a massive temperature swing is set to move into parts of Colorado, following a windy Monday.

According to the National Weather Service, snow is expected to start falling on Monday night in Colorado's central and northern mountains, extending into Tuesday. Up to six inches is expected in some higher elevation areas. This wave of snow is also likely to hit the foothills west of Denver with a few inches.

Forecasters at OpenSnow.com are calling for two to eight-plus inches of accumulation through Tuesday, predicting "moderate to intense" snow for several hours along and to the south of I-70 on Monday night. If intense snow hits I-70, it will likely lead to limited visibility and slick conditions, making caution advised during travel (find full mapping and resort-specific predictions on the OpenSnow.com website).

While the Front Range is expected to be quite sunny on Monday, albeit with strong wind gusts, the next few hours are expected to bring quite the weather swing.

Snow flakes and a high of 31 degrees (low of 16) are expected in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, despite a high of 69 on Monday – a temperature swing of 38 degrees. Denver will see a similar temperature swing and chance of snow, as a Monday high of 73 drops to a Tuesday high of 36 (37-degree swing, plus a low of 23). 

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Pueblo is expected to experience an even wilder temperature swing – 39 degrees as a Monday high of 78 drops to a Tuesday high of 39, with a likely mix of snow and rain. If temperatures in Pueblo hit the projected low of 22 degrees on Tuesday, that could mean a swing of 56 degrees between two consecutive days.

In areas of higher elevation, temperature swings will likely be less dramatic. Breckenridge currently has a high of 43 on Monday and a high of 25 on Tuesday. Winter Park has a Monday high of 43 and a Tuesday high of 24. Leadville has a Monday high of 42 and a Tuesday high of 23.

Out west, Grand Junction has a Monday high of 71 and a Tuesday high of 50. Steamboat Springs has a Monday high of 48 and a Tuesday high of 32. Telluride has a Monday high of 44 and a Tuesday high of 28.

Temperatures should stay relatively consistent in the San Luis Valley, with a high of 62 in Alamosa on Monday and a high of 53 on Tuesday. Nighttime temperatures will likely drop into the teens or 20s in this part of the state.

Days following Tuesday are expected to be dry, at least through the first several days of April. Temperatures are expected to rise again on Wednesday to springtime norms.

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