A downtown Colorado Springs restaurant and bakery popular for its gluten-free goodies will close this month.

Coquettes Bistro and Bakery, located at 616 S Tejon St., announced on Facebook Friday that they would be closing Sunday, Sept. 20 at 7 p.m.

"The margins of profit were always small, as most now know the industry is a tough one and Covid hit us hard, but we loved Coquette’s and the community we built," said the Facebook post announcing the closure.

"We realized that we were trying to do more to keep up with what we created than we were really happy to be continuing to do. It had become an untenable struggle and strained our family. We love you all so much and a lot of our ‘sticking it out’ was really for you. We know we are not the typical restaurant and you are not typical customers. It will be a very sad parting on both sides of the 'counter' but Coquette’s will be closing and has no plans to reopen at this time."

You can read the full Facebook post here.

The gluten-free restaurant and Best of the Springs winner, co-owned by mother-daughter team Michelle Marx and Turu Sukhotin, had celebrated 11 years in business last month.  

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