Heart of Springs Church

Heart of the Springs Church recently has been offering online and in-person church services and will host a drive-in Christmas Eve service.

A Colorado Springs church is taking after the drive-in trend to keep its Christmas Eve tradition rolling.

Heart of the Springs Church, 2726 N. Union Blvd., will broadcast its Christmas Eve service, including music and a sermon, to vehicle radios via an FM transmitter. The drive-in service is a way to bring holiday cheer while following COVID-19 guidelines, according to a statement from the church.


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“We really wanted to bless those that have been feeling out of touch and isolated during this crisis,” senior pastor Mike Hensley said. “We want people to know that they are not alone this Christmas. Things may look different now, but we want to give them hope that it will get better.”

A stage will be set up in front of the church for the service, which starts at 5 p.m. Thursday. People will be asked to remain in their vehicles. Since many will not be able to visit with friends and family like usual this year, Hensley says the church wants them “to know that they are special and loved.”

Plus, people will get a chance to hear some of their favorite holiday songs.

“We wanted to give people a safe way they could come and sing Christmas songs in their cars and celebrate with their families,” worship pastor Steve Padilla said.

For more info, visit hotschurch.org.

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