Civic Center Shooting Aftermath

Police tackle Matthew Dolloff and a 9News producer after a fatal shooting in Civic Center Park on Oct. 10.

A hearing officer for the Department of Excise and Licenses recommended a six-month suspension of Pinkerton's private security employer license following an incident in which an unlicensed security guard allegedly killed a man last year. 

Hearing Officer Bruce Plotkin also recommended that Pinkerton create an internal procedure to ensure that every guard — whether directly or indirectly hired — is licensed. The internal procedure must be approved by the Department of Excise and Licenses. 

Pinkerton gained a national spotlight after an Oct. 10 incident in which Matthew Dolloff, an unlicensed guard, allegedly shot and killed Lee Keltner during an altercation while providing security services to 9News during a protest at the state capitol in downtown Denver.

Prior to the incident, 9News — which had used Pinkerton's services in the past — requested services to protect two news crews. 

Pinkerton contacted Isborn Security Services for a subcontractor and requested "an armed, non-uniformed guard 'to blend in' and provide 'executive/staff protection' for 9News," according to the recommendation decision.

Isborn then contracted Dolloff on behalf of Pinkerton for 9News.

Dolloff has been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Keltner and most recently waived his right to a preliminary hearing in January. 

Excise and License Executive Director Ashley Kilroy will now make the final decision after reviewing the evidence from the hearing and Plotkin's recommendations.

Eric Escudero, a spokesperson for the department, said there is no deadline for Kilroy to make the decision, but expects it to come within the comings weeks. 

However, if Kilroy were to suspend Pinkerton's license, it would only affect its ability to contract security guards within Denver, Escudero said.

"There is no state requirement for licensing, so if she finalizes this decision and their license is revoked in Denver, they can still provide services in other municipalities," Escudero said. 

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