rollover crash

crash 6/10/2021 union and lexington

No one was seriously injured after a rollover accident in front of Rampart High School closed down all southbound lanes of travel on Union Boulevard in Colorado Springs on Thursday afternoon.

Colorado Springs firefighters tweeted around 5:30 p.m. that they had responded to a crash in which one individual was still trapped inside their vehicle, after a Black Nissan Rogue heading southbound on Union collided with a vehicle turning left onto Lexington.

Candace Rodgers, the driver of the vehicle heading southbound, said that she wasn't seriously injured in the crash, and that firefighters that arrived on scene were able to free the driver from her car.

"The firefighters cut me out; they were very sweet," Rodgers said. "Everyone here is very sweet — the firefighters, the police, everybody."

Rodgers said that the driver of the other vehicle stopped to check on her after the accident, and that they were also unharmed and were able to leave the scene on their own.

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