Starting Tuesday, 10 people will comb through trash at Midway Landfill in an effort to find Kelsey Berreth’s remains or other evidence in her presumed murder, Woodland Park police said.

They’ll spend more than a month searching an area of 135 by 32 feet, digging 9 feet deep. The dump is 250 by 125 feet and 25 feet deep, police said.

The Colorado-based volunteer NecroSearch International sent an expert to help police pinpoint the search area, which contains about 4,320 cubic yards of trash.

The searchers can comb through 100 to 150 cubic yards a day at the landfill at 8925 Rancho Colorado Blvd., police said. They’ll work eight-hour weekdays for about 35 days to exhaust the primary search area.

The investigation has led to the Midway Landfill, said Woodland Park police Cmdr. Chris Adams, and his department has consulted with other agencies that have conducted such searches.

Berreth, 29, was last seen in public on Thanksgiving Day at the Woodland Park Safeway with her 15-month-old daughter. Although her body has not been found, authorities believe she was killed at her Woodland Park townhouse.

Patrick Frazee, 32, of Florissant has been charged with first-degree murder and solicitation to commit the murder of his fiancee, who is the mother of their child. A trial likely will be scheduled when Frazee enters a plea March 4.

Testimony from a CBI agent last week provided a grisly account of the murder. Agent Greg Slater said Frazee blindfolded Berreth with a sweater and bludgeoned her to death with a baseball bat.

Frazee then allegedly burned a tote containing her body and the baseball bat used to kill her, Slater testified.

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