The locations in Colorado Springs with the most crashes are on three of its busiest roadways — Interstate 25, North Powers Boulevard and North Academy Boulevard, according to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Eleven of the locations, including four in which the crashes are in the triple digits, are along the interstate.

Police collect crash data regularly, forming a fluid list of the 25 locations in Colorado Springs with the most crashes, police spokesman Lt. Howard Black said.

Intersections along North Powers Boulevard came in second with seven on the list, followed by intersections along North Academy Boulevard, with six. The number of crashes on the list range from 21 to 151.

This particular data set was likely compiled at the end of June, Black said. The numbers do not differentiate between injury and noninjury crashes and therefore this list doesn’t necessarily equate to the most dangerous intersections.

The list, constantly in flux, is one of many tools used by the department to allocate resources and officers in an effort to make city roads safer, Black said.

Top 25 intersections with the most crashes

This data is collected regularly by the Colorado Springs Police Department and denotes the 25 intersections in town with the most crashes. This is is current as of late June, Lt. Howard Black said. 

“Patrol managers and traffic managers have the ability to put the resources out there, so the officers know where those intersections are,” Black said. “It allows the opportunity for our officers to be in meaningful locations and have an impact on accidents.”

But the data doesn’t tell the whole story.

“It just tells us that this is an area where we want to pay attention,” Black said. “We have to work from a baseline. … How did the crashes happen? Are they rear-enders? That’s the constant analysis that is occurring throughout the department.”

Two intersections on the list are set to receive special attention. Red-light cameras will be installed this fall on North Academy Boulevard at North Carefree Circle and at Dublin Boulevard, numbers 17 and 25 on the list, respectively.

Cameras will also be installed on East Platte avenue at Chelton Road and Briargate Boulevard at Lexington Drive, The Gazette previously reported. Those intersections do not appear on the department’s most recent data set of crashes.

Black declined to elaborate on how the four intersections that will receive red-light cameras were selected. More information about that process will be released in the coming weeks, he said.

The red-light camera program is intended to be cost neutral, and six more cameras might be added next year, Police Chief Pete Carey has said.

Traffic engineers with the Colorado Department of Transportation were not surprised by the department’s list, largely because those 25 intersections are among the busiest in town, CDOT spokeswoman Michelle Puelen said.

She reiterated that the data set only provides one aspect of traffic accidents and for an in-depth analysis, additional information is needed.

Several of the top intersections, such as Interstate 25 at West Cimarron Street, have also been under construction, which can contribute to crash rates, Puelen said.

As the list is updated and that intersection is no longer under construction, the data will “hopefully” show that improvements have decreased crash rates, she said.

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