Bethune hail

Grapefruit-sized hail and larger hammered areas near Bethune on Tuesday afternoon, August 13, 2019. (Photo via National Weather Service/Twitter)

What's likely the biggest hailstone ever to fall in Colorado, at 4.83 inches diameter, dropped Tuesday near Bethune off U.S. 24 east of Colorado Springs.

The record hailstone till now was 4.5 inches in diameter, said state climatologist Russ Schumacher.

A family in the area reported that the grapefruit-sized hail weighed 8.5 ounces. Based on photos, Schumacher said, the hail likely was even larger when it fell.

He said the Colorado Climate Center will consider all information to determine an official measurement.

"Having grapefruit-sized hail in August is very rare," said KKTV meteorologist Lucy Bergemann. "We're hotter down here at the surface in August."

Bergemann also said it's unusual to see hail that large because of the high wind required to hold it in the atmosphere. 




Jessica is a 2019 intern at The Gazette. She is a Colorado native who is currently a student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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