Girls' soccer season preview: Team-by-team capsules

Air Academy's Sarah Schweiss, left, is among the area's top players. Photo by THE GAZETTE FILE


The Classical AcademyCoach: Blake Galvin, second season (seventh overall)Last year: 19-1Key players: Tita Garcia, sr., goalie; Amara Nagle, sr., forward; Emily Miller, sr., defender; Joanie Jacks, soph., midfielder.Season outlook: Despite losing four key seniors, the Titans return 14 players to last season’s Class 3A state runner-up. The Titans have new talent that will be able to fill in the departed players’ roles, Galvin said.

Colorado Springs Christian SchoolCoach: Hung Kieu, first season (40th overall)Last year: 9-7Key players: Kayla Nelson, midfielder; Hannah Nelson, forward; Maddie Pickle, defender; Hannah Mauro, goalie.Season outlook: With 12 returning letter-winners, the Lions are striving to reach the playoffs and to win the league championship, Kieu said.

Evangelical Christian AcademyCoach: Kevin Goos, fourth season (fourth overall)Last year: 8-7-1Key players: Heidi Mann, jr., midfielder; Tori Mann, fr., midfielder; Chelsea Kohl, jr., forward; Kim Schipper, sr., goalie.Season outlook: Last year, ECA got 80 percent of its goals from freshmen and sophomores. With this group, it could be an exciting year, Goos said.

FlorenceCoach: Bill Vinelli, first season (10th overall)Last year: 10-5Key players: None listed.Season outlook: The Huskies have enough talent that first-year coach Vinelli expects them to finish at the top of the standings.

James IrwinCoach: Kevin Ridenour, fourth season (fourth overall)Last year: 6-7-2Key players: Bekah Neill, sr., midfielder; Icenia Anderson, sr., midfielder; Amanda Fisher, jr., defender.Season outlook: The Jaguars boast the school’s most formidable defense in the program’s 11-year history, Ridenour said. And with Neill and Anderson in the midfield, the Jaguars are aiming for the team’s second postseason berth in school history.

Manitou SpringsCoach: Matt Barton, 12th season (12th overall)Last year: 16-2-1Key players: Kirsti Vogel, jr., midfielder; Calla Urban, sr., midfielder.Season outlook: A core group of players who have carried the Mustangs to back-to-back semifinals appearances return 11 players. The defense will have some inexperience, but the midfield will be solid, Barton said.

St. Mary’sCoach: Gregg Braha, ninth season (ninth overall)Last year: 16-3-1Key players: Kendra Tyboroski, sr., midfielder; Dawn Reachard, jr., forward; Kathleen Plamondon, jr., midfielder.Season outlook: The defending Class 3A state champions return nine letter-winners, but lost three all-state players. Seven freshmen have a shot at making the team, Braha said. Moving to Region 1 in 3A, the Pirates want to position themselves for another successful season, Braha said.

CLASS 4AAir AcademyCoach: Nancy Sibley, eighth season (eighth overall)Last year: 14-4Key players: Sarah Schweiss, jr., forward; Reilley Moore, sr., defender; Kylie Williamson, sr., defender; Caren Nelson, soph., midfielder.Season outlook: The Kadets return 14 letter-winners to a team that lost in overtime in the Class 5A quarterfinals. Air Academy moves down to join the 4A Metro League. The Kadets are looking to build on last season’s success, Sibley said.

Cañon CityCoach: Pat Callahan, ninth season (24th overall)Last year: 12-3-1Key players: Ashley Brown, sr., forward; Nicole Ortega, sr., forward/midfielder; Emily Hoffman, soph., defender; Kim Prince, sr., defender.Season outlook: A great group of players who work well together should have the Tigers competitive in the South Central League, Callahan said.

Cheyenne MountainCoach: Scott Johnson, third season (ninth overall)Last year: 17-2Key players: Darcy Jerman, sr., midfielder; Carley Kocel, sr., defender; Jennifer Stoot, sr., midfielder; Tessa Lee, sr., midfielder.Season outlook: The Indians are building on back-to-back semifinal appearances and return 15 letter-winners. An experienced senior class will team with a terrific freshman class, Johnson said.

CoronadoCoach: Jenn Ury, fifth season (10th overall)Last year: 11-5Key players: Catherine Ruder, sr., forward; Kaeli Vandersluis, sr., midfielder; Jessica Stauffer, jr., defender; Tiana Cerciello, soph., defender; Kaitlin Burrell, jr., midfield.Season outlook: With the bulk of the team returning, the Cougars have high hopes after reaching the second round of the Class 5A playoffs last season. Coronado drops down a class into the 4A Metro League this season.

Discovery CanyonCoach: Bill McMaster, fourth season (10th overall)Last year: 12-5Key players: Autumn Surage, sr., midfielder; Andi Marchant, sr., forward; Taylor Barbato, soph., goalie; Grace Rodriguez, sr., defender.Season outlook: The Thunder takes its first senior class and moves up to the Class 4A Metro League, leaving Discovery Canyon guardedly optimistic, McMaster said. Surage, Marchant and Barbato are the spine of the team, lining the center of the field, McMaster said.

FalconCoach: Tom Torrance, first season (second overall)Last year: 7-8Key players: Amanda Lindsey, jr., midfielder; Chelsea Crandall, sr., goalie; Megan Brooks, sr., defender.Season outlook: The Falcons return six players to the varsity squad.

HarrisonCoach: Brian Jewell, second season (second overall)Last year: 0-12Key players: Sandy Camarena, jr., defender; Viviana Diaz, sr., goalie; Maria Reyes, jr., forward; Janelle Martinez, soph, midfielder.Season outlook: Jewell said his team will be fun to watch. The Panthers have good experience coming back at key positions, and their effort could surprise opponents, he said.

Lewis-PalmerCoach: Joe Martin, first season (eighth overall)Last year: 19-1Key players: Kourtney Guetlein, jr.; Brandi Arsenault, sr.; Lindsey Ryals, so.Season outlook: The Rangers return seven players from the squad that reached last season’s semifinals. With the core group returning, the Rangers should be in the hunt for another league title, Martin said.

Mesa RidgeCoach: Greg Stingerie, first season (17th overall)Last year: 8-8Key players: Isha Sumah, sr., forward/midfielder; Sabrina Van Esselstine, jr., midfielder; Jessica Rosenberg, sr., midfielder; Demi Valdez, sr., defender.Season outlook: Nine returning players will help first-year coach Stingerie adapt quickly. The Grizzlies are working to develop the necessary skills to be competitive, Stingerie said.

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MitchellCoach: Rick Sundahl, third season (eighth overall)Last year: 6-9Key players: Kayondra Hood, sr., midfielder; Rachel Francis, jr., goalie; Jordyn Savoy, sr., midfielder; Haley Halstead, sr., midfielder.Season outlook: Despite having the largest squad in three seasons, the Marauders return only five varsity players. More than half the squad will be underclassmen, leading to a young and inexperienced group, Sundahl said.

Palmer RidgeCoach: Nick Odil, third season (third overall)Last year: 10-5-1Key players: Brooke Tominello, jr., midfielder; Haley Fisher, jr., forward; Ashley Feil, sr., midfielder; Megan Watson, jr., defender.Season outlook: With 16 returning players and their first senior class, the Bears have plenty of experience. They’ve also added depth with transfers and incoming freshmen. The Bears move into the 4A Metro League.

Sand CreekCoach: Craig Decker, first season (10th overall)Last year: 2-10-3Key players: Alexis Michaelkovich, sr., midfielder; Caroline Schuemann, sr., defender; Meghan Ward, soph., midfielder; Amanda Gagnon, soph., midfielder.Season outlook: The Scorpions drop down to Class 4A. Seven returning players and a strong freshman class give the Scorpions strong playoff aspirations, with players battling for every starting position, Decker said.

SierraCoach: Rebecca Grainger, seventh season (seventh overall)Last year: 1-13Key players: Marilyn Ricon, sr., defender; Amanda Bombard, sr., midfielder.Season outlook: An enthusiastic, athletic group looks to add to last year’s win total, Grainger said.

Vista RidgeCoach: Ben Arp, third season (fourth overall)Last year: 5-8Key players: Kimberly Striebel, soph., forward/midfielder; Alexandra Fox, soph., defender/midfielder/forward; Sara Pitcher, jr., defender/midfielder; Ashley Ramsey, fr., defender/midfielder.Season outlook: The Wolves return 10 varsity players to the field this season.

WassonCoach: Les Filonowich, first season (25th overall)Last year: 4-11Key players: Sam Bufmack, jr., midfielder/forward; Sarah Kerkhoff, fr., midfielder/defender; Korinn Etrata, sr., midfielder; Julie Estlick, jr., midfielder.Season outlook: The Thunderbirds have a mixture of experience and new players from club teams, giving them a lot of athletes, Filonowich said. The first-year coach said the team is constructing a winning attitude and focusing on the basics.

WidefieldCoach: Monte Kelly, third season (fifth overall)Last year: 5-10Key players: Hannah Allgood, jr., midfielder; Mariah Evans-Carnes, sr., defender; Santana Ludos, sr., defender; Chaya Peebles, sr., defender.Season outlook: Several newcomers, including Martina Furuheim, and a large freshman class has Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff excited. The Gladiators are working on team cohesiveness and team skill.

Woodland ParkCoach: Andrew Pappadakis, seventh season (17th overall)Last year: 5-9-1Key players: Madi Heimerdinger, jr., midfielder; Skyler Cottrell, jr., defender; Stephanie Rees, jr., defender.Season outlook: With only four returning players, the Panthers understand the challenge, but they have a plan and a goal, and they are working hard to remain respectable, Pappadakis said.


DohertyCoach: Eryn Gallagher, first season (third overall)Last year: 4-11Key players: Olivia Mills, sr., goalie; Ashley Furbush, soph., midfielder; Kendra Penchoff, jr., forward.Season outlook: Gallagher takes over a team with 12 returning players.

Fountain-Fort CarsonCoach: Ted Tewahade, second season (second overall)Last year: 5-10Key players: Bethany Stivers, soph., forward; Brittney McClain, soph., midfielder; Asia Allyn, soph., defender.Season outlook: The Trojans return five players from last year’s varsity squad.

LibertyCoach: Mike Goyden, 14th season (14th overall)Last year: 8-9Key players: Cate Parchinski, sr., midfielder; Alex Poli, soph., defender; Kyleigh Wierenga, fr., defender; Kaylie Dixon, soph; midfielder.Season outlook: The Lancers return 10 players from last season’s playoff team. In their third 5A season, the Lancers won their first playoff game and are looking forward to a strong season and a deeper playoff run, Goyden said.

PalmerCoach: Jim Keller, 16th season (16th overall)Last year: 8-8Key players: Allie Metzler, sr., midfielder; Andi Tostanoski, jr., goalie; Lauren Cross, sr., defender; Margaret Stauffer, sr., midfielder.Season outlook: Strong leadership and lots of experience behind 11 returning players will help the Terrors in their demanding schedule, Keller said. The tough schedule should help prepare Palmer for competitive league play.

Pine CreekCoach: John Frederick, 13th season (15th overall)Last year: 15-3Key players: Jenna Howerton, sr., forward; Brandi Farley, sr., forward; Shianne Smelker, jr., defender; Annie Wooldridge, jr., midfielder.Season outlook: With 10 teams that reached the 2010 playoffs on the schedule, the Eagles are preparing for a run at a third consecutive 5A Metro League title and a deep playoff run, Frederick said. The Eagles return 13 varsity players to a team that reached the quarterfinals last season.

RampartCoach: Tony Gonzalez-Padron, first seasonLast year: 9-6Key players: Kelsey Skarin, sr., defender; Stephanie Ingle, sr., midfield/defender; Andrea Stump, jr., goalie; Kaitlin Ruff, jr., goalie; Madeline Edwards, jr. midfielder/forward; Bailey Barton, soph., midfielder/forward; Kellyn Padgett, jr., midfielder/forwardSeason outlook: Gonzalez-Padron doesn't know exactly what to expect in his first season coaching girls' soccer in the area after seven years in Michigan, but he says his team is experience, dedicated and enthusiastic.

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