2016 Gazette features/A&E intern Cassie Heeke

Ryan Jones photographed on May 24, 2016. Photo by Ryan Jones, The Gazette

The Gazette's summer photo intern, Ryan Jones, is a 22-year-old Floridian who earned his associate degree from Florida State University before attending the University of Florida.

His previous internships include the Orlando Sentinel and the Jackson Hole News & Guide. He has also contributed to WUFT in Florida and for 24/7 Sports.

Jones became interested in photojournalism out of curiosity about other people's lives and an interest in current affairs. He chose to pursue an internship at The Gazette for its well-regarded photo staff and mentorship, and said his favorite photography moments come from being in close proximity with his subjects while they are emotionally available.

"I like to capture intimate moments," he said.

Jones enjoys hiking, rock climbing and attending concerts, as long as they aren't pop or country music.


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