Nestled against a spectacular mountain backdrop, the Broadmoor area is centered by the spectacular Broadmoor Resort, considered one of the best hotels and luxury resorts in the world. The Broadmoor has earned prestigious five-star/five-diamond ratings for 56 years.

This area has a glittering history dating to the 1880s when Prussian Count James Pourtales of Silesia set out to create Broadmoor City which would include Cheyenne Lake and a fancy casino, the first of which burned down. The lake drained away a couple of times before a clay bottom was added, and it remains a focal point of the resort.

A small hotel was built. Then, guided by entrepreneur Spencer Penrose and his partners, the grand hotel was built, its grounds landscaped by the Central Park designers from New York City, and The Broadmoor was given an elegant formal opening in 1918.

A golf professional was hired that year, and today the resort has three championship golf courses.

Just a block from the hotel is the city's oldest, and most exclusive, country club, Cheyenne Mountain Country Club at Cheyenne Mountain Resort.

Housing in the Broadmoor area is some of the most expensive and sought after in the region, rising into multimillion-dollar estates.

Private, gated communities cover the mountainsides along with large homes, some with acres of landscaping, lining the winding roads.

The Broadmoor area is replete with historic residences filled with amazing stories: Penrose House, home of Broadmoor hotel founder Spencer Penrose and wife Julie; the private Colorado Springs School on the Trianon grounds of the former Claremont estate; the Maytag family estate, built in 1927 by Freda Maytag, daughter of Frederick L. Maytag, founder of Maytag appliances; and the home of Chester A. Arthur Jr., whose father was the 21st president of the United States. Many of the area's mansions have documented family histories.

Newer luxury townhomes abound.

Nearby is Colorado lodge-style Cheyenne Mountain Resort which features a country club, golf course and tennis courts, spa, pools, restaurants and a lake with a small beach.



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