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Hot air balloons make their way across Prospect Lake on the last day of 2018’s Labor Day Lift Off at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

Light winds and a balloon-filled sky are in the weekend’s forecast in Colorado Springs as hundreds flock to Memorial Park for 2019’s Labor Day Lift Off.

Calm winds near 5 mph are likely in the afternoon Saturday through Monday, according to the National Weather Service in Pueblo.

Those conditions won’t affect liftoff, scheduled for 7 a.m., said Scott Appleman, Labor Day Lift Off manager. As long as wind speeds don’t exceed 10 mph, balloons are permitted to leave the ground, he said.

“We are pretty optimistic about the weather this weekend,” Appleman said.

While mornings have seen relatively good weather this year for hot air balloon events, he said, afternoon storms “are the variable.”

There is a 20% chance of storms after noon on Saturday and Sunday, while Labor Day will be dry and sunny, the weather service reported.

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Reach Olivia at olivia.prentzel@gazette.com. Twitter: @oliviaprentzel

Reach Olivia at olivia.prentzel@gazette.com.

Twitter: @oliviaprentzel

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