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Volunteers help organize sandbags in Lake City in preparation of potential floods.

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Weather will likely be stormy around Colorado this weekend, particularly along the Front Range. Flooding concerns have been raised in some parts of the state, according to the National Weather Service.

Most at-risk seems to be the area surrounding towns of South Fork, Creede, Alamosa, and Monte Vista. See more specific information about the flood watch here.

The weather service forecasts high temperatures in the mid-70s Saturday and Sunday in Colorado Springs, with a chance of rain each day.

Denver has a similar weekend forecast, with high temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s and a chance of thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday.

Warmer weather is forecast at the two resorts that remain open in Colorado, as will the potential for thunderstorms and rain. Arapahoe Basin will have highs that hang in the 50s throughout the weekend, with the highest chance on Saturday. Aspen will be quite a bit warmer than Arapahoe Basin – highs in the 70s – with a small chance of rain throughout the weekend. The warm temperatures and rain could be detrimental for remaining snowpack at these resorts. That being said, Arapahoe Basin does have plans to stay open a bit longer. Lake Reveal has not appeared yet.

Recently in the news due to flooding concerns, Lake City is set to have a potentially warm and wet weekend ahead. The weather service forecasts potential rain from Saturday to Tuesday, mostly in the form of nightly thunderstorms. The temperatures will also hang in the 60s, potentially causing rapid snowmelt. If you’re in the Lake City, be aware of areas that might be subject to flooding. Learn more about the flood preparation efforts here.

On the Western Slope, Grand Junction will be hot and likely dry with a small chance of rain on Friday and Saturday and temperatures in the high 80s.


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