Harding Nursery, Inc has everything needed to adorn a home with fresh, native greenery this holiday season. From wreaths and garland to centerpieces and advent wreaths, you can’t go wrong in taking a visit to the festively decked out garden center right off of Powers Boulevard this December. Instead of opting for mass-produced decor from big box stores, why not visit a local nursery, where you can rest assured that each item is freshly cut and handmade? The holidays are a special time, so allow each and every adornment you bring into your home to be equally significant. Harding nursery has been an integral part of the Colorado Springs community since 1957. The main nursery has more than twelve acres of stock and many greenhouses, with an additional 160+ acres of growing fields and additional greenhouses East of the Springs.


If you are trying to find the perfect holiday wreath and centerpiece, there are three things you should look for: 1. Freshness 2. Customizability 3. Aesthetics. Harding Nursery covers all this criteria and then some. Debbie Bradley, daughter of founders Joan and Billie Harding, offers some insight on the decor-making process and possibilities.


Freshness is of utmost importance. A wreath that’s been transported across the country — or worse, across the globe — will lose much of its vitality on the journey. Each wreath and centerpiece at Harding Nursery is made from fresh boughs cut off of Colorado-native trees, sent just before Thanksgiving. White fir and Douglas fir are most commonly used for the decorations, as they are long-lasting and will keep fresh and fragrant well through the season and into the New Year. A crew carefully and thoughtfully assembles the boughs onto frames, after which they are placed and preserved in the nursery’s mist house; which is an insulated room that maintains their freshness and moisture. They remain here until they are ready to be decorated. Christmas trees are also available, and come from Christmas tree farms that the nursery has been working with for many years; some trees also come right from the mountains here in Colorado.


Customizability is at the heart of the offerings at Harding Nursery.  The round wreaths come in nine sizes; 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 36-inch. Cross, candy cane, horse and snowman-shaped wreaths are also available. The center pieces come in three sizes to perfectly fit your dining room table, and a variety of advent wreaths and garland is also available. Visitors at the nursery are more than welcome to choose from the beautiful variety of wreaths and centerpieces already assembled, or they can work closely with a designer and choose each and every ornament, pinecone, ribbons and more to be included. 




Because of the time and care put into each and every decoration, the result each time is a beautiful, unique and remarkable work of art that anyone can be proud to display on their table, door, fireplace, stairway, porch and just about anywhere else that beckons to be filled with some holiday cheer. Custom and pre-handmade offerings include a vast array of colored ribbons, balls and ornaments, burlap ribbons, black and white chalkboard ribbons, pinecones and even deer heads made from twigs to pop out from a wreath’s center. Browse beautiful rustic, traditional, colorful, classy and even Broncos-themed wreaths. For a elegant and calming appeal, centerpieces and advent wreaths are finished off with candles.


Browse the abundance of decorations, mini potted trees and Christmas trees at Harding Nursery this holiday season. 721 N Powers Blvd, Colorado Springs. 719-596-5712. HardingNursery.com.


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