The Falcon Fire Protection District is planning to build a fire station on Old Meridian Road and U.S. Highway 24 to replace the existing building. The new station will be a replica of the station the district built on Capital Drive north of Constitution, which is pictured.  

A new $2.2 million fire station could be serving the growing Falcon area by next spring. 

The Falcon Fire Protection District is planning to replace its original station at U.S. 24 and Old Meridian Road with an 8,382-square-foot building on the same lot to provide needed additional space for staff and vehicles, Fire Chief Trent Harwig said. The current 6,000-square-foot building doesn't have enough living or administrative space and the firefighting vehicles barely fit into the bays, he said. 

"They are stuffed in here like sardines," he said. 

The Falcon Fire District, which covers 113 square miles, has seen consistent population growth for about the last 20 years. In 2018, voters passed a 6.274 mill levy increase that has allowed the district to expand services, he said. Since the property tax increase was approved, the district has started a new advanced life support ambulance service and doubled its staff to 52 full-time staff and nine part-time.

The additional tax dollars have also made it possible to build the station. Once the fire station is finished, the district expects to convert the existing station into an administration building. Once the remodel is complete, the district plans to hire a receptionist and a full-time fire inspector, he said. The district has budgeted for the positions but doesn't have the space for them yet. 

The district expects to pay for the new building and remodel through a 20-year lease-purchase agreement so it doesn't have to hold an election to approve a bond, Harwig said. It's a fairly common way for fire districts in Colorado to finance large expenses without the added cost of an election, he said. 

The new fire station will be a replica of the last station the district built on Capital Drive north of Constitution Avenue, and it will have four bedrooms to accommodate the five firefighters always on duty at the station. 

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