Screenshot of American Truck Simulator.

Screenshot of American Truck Simulator.

Have you ever had dreams about taking a big rig around Colorado's stunning roadways? Now is your chance to make those dreams a reality ... kind of.

American Truck Simulator has released downloadable content for the state of Colorado that allows players to travel the state, including routes along iconic roads like the Million Dollar Highway.

Designed to let players experience life on the road, American Truck Simulator is known for its realistic depiction of many well-known landscapes and landmarks around the country. The scenes of Colorado below show just how impressive the detail of this game is.

Here's a look at what the depiction of Colorado is like:

Here's a look at the gameplay of a user driving along the Million Dollar Highway:

Find this game and the downloadable Colorado content on Steam. The game itself is $19.99 and the Colorado DLC pack is $11.99.

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