Denver artist unlocks the forces behind work in lecture

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I've been impressed with the aesthetics and ambition of the Fine Arts Center since I arrived about two and half years ago.

We haven't seen a lot from curator Tarianna Navas-Nieves lately, though. The new show, "Emilio Lobato: Mi Linda Soledad (My Beautiful Solitude)," is a significant step toward making up for her absence.

The exhibition features 50 works by Denver artist Emilio Lobato.

“'Mi Linda Soledad,' a title selected by the artist, is an insightful title that alludes to Lobato’s exploration of the themes of solitude and isolation — subjects that have been central to his art from his earliest works to today,” said Navas-Nieves, FAC curator of Hispanic and Native American art.

 “I met Emilio Lobato in 1995 and still remember walking into his studio and being immediately captivated. He talked about feeling the most at ease in the solitude of his studio. He shared how making art was cathartic — part artistic journey, part emotional reflection — and how he searched for serenity and contentment through his creative process.

“Today, I feel Emilio understands and has made peace with the sense of isolation that haunted him in the past. He has evolved artistically and personally, and recognizes that constructing a peaceful solitude is an ongoing process.” 

The work is curious, gorgeous and slyly engaging. Eye candy with a special prize inside.

Get by to see it before it comes down May 15.

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