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William Bacorn, 18, left, shot and killed a sleeping man during an attempted drug robbery at an illegal marijuana grow site and was later shot and killed by an El Paso County deputy, officers told a judge Friday.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Thursday announced that it had identified the suspect in a 2018 double homicide that was had gone unsolved for more than four years. 

The press release claimed that 72-year-old Larry Nelson and 70-year-old Pamela Nelson, who were found dead on April 14, 2018, were killed by 18-year-old William Bacorn. 

Bacorn was identified as a suspect after he was shot and killed by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office's SWAT team on July 22, 2018, when Bacorn was being investigated for the homicide of Gustavo Del Sol Sanchez earlier that day.

Previous reporting from The Gazette details that Bacorn  killed Del Sol Sanchez at an illegal marijuana grow hours before being shot and killed by Deputy Chad Wheat for pointing a 12-gauge shotgun at deputies. 

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The 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office later determined the shooting of Bacorn by Wheat was justified. 

The press release states that while investigating Del Sol Sanchez's death, detectives "received information which confirmed William Bacorn committed the Nelson homicides." 

After several rounds of forensic testing — the final round of which took place last month — detectives were able to confirm Bacorn's involvement in the death of the Nelsons, the press release states. 

Because Bacorn was killed in 2018, the case has now been closed. 

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