Josh Hosler
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El Paso County GOP Chair Josh Hosler, at the El Paso County Republican Assembly last spring. (Photo courtesy El Paso County Republican Party)

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The outgoing head of El Paso County’s Republican Party said he’s no longer considering a run to head the Colorado GOP.

Joshua Hosler confirmed Monday that he would not seek a second term as chair of the county party after his first one expires next month. At the time he said he was mulling a statewide run. But Wednesday he said that was no longer an option.

“I believe the difference between a politician and a statesman is the politician jumps from one position to another. A statesman serves the people then pulls back from the swamp,” Hosler said.

Hosler said he was raised to focus on God, his family and his country.

“I served as chair for a year and a half and I need to focus on the first two,” he said.

That time was successful in terms of voter turnout in the November midterms and fundraising efforts leading up to the elections, Hosler said. The organization was short on cash and disorganized when he reluctantly took over for former chair Trevor Dierdorff.

A county GOP spokeswoman said next week she will detail how people can submit a bid to succeed Hosler. The party’s approximately 500 members will vote on their new chair Feb. 9.

Statewide party members will vote for their new leader on March 30. So far the only official candidate is Rep. Susan Beckman, R-Littleton. The outgoing chair, Jeff Hays, announced this month he won’t seek re-election. Hays also formerly served as chair of El Paso County’s Republican Party.

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