The chair of the El Paso County Republican Party resigned Wednesday, citing unanticipated hurdles.

In a letter to the Central Committee, Tamra Farah said that she ran for chair to help in the reelection of President Donald Trump and Sen. Cory Gardner, but had not anticipated the backlash she would receive in her position.

“I expected some challenges, but find the level of opposition to my chairmanship within our central committee to be deeply disappointing, particular in a time when the call for unity has been strong and essential,” Farah wrote in her letter.

She explained that she was left with no financial reserves and met with interference when attempting to engage volunteers, run the party’s annual Lincoln Dinner and reach out to donors.

“I made numerous attempts to meet with these members of our committee, yet there has not been a willingness to come to the table,” Farah wrote. “Still, I endeavored to take the high road and effect a positive culture.”

Despite the alleged roadblocks, Farah said that she was able to gather almost 500 new and prospective volunteers and raise $12,400 in deposits for the Lincoln Dinner, but she noted that committee participation in the event is less than half of what she would have expected.

“The timing of my resignation is with the sincere hope that those who opposed my changes will now marshal their efforts to take this dinner across the finish line for the sake of the party,” she wrote.

The El Paso County Republican Party has not responded to Colorado Politics’ request for comment.


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