Jeffrey and Gabby Whitehead moved to eastern El Paso County nine months ago with dreams of starting a ranch.

They were remodeling their 56-foot mobile home with new appliances and flooring. It would be where they raised their two children, and a third on the way, a daughter due July 4.

They never even got to use their new stove.

With a blizzard approaching, the Whiteheads left for a doctor’s appointment Wednesday.

“She’s pregnant, so we were getting her checked out and couldn’t make it back home because of the storm,” Whitehead said Friday.

A neighbor intercepted them before they could reach their property on Edison Road south of Shear Road. He wanted to know if the Whiteheads knew what awaited them.

Their home was gone, a pile of rubble in its place.

They were stunned.

“I don’t know how it blew so far away,” Jeffrey Whitehead said. “The weight of the frame alone is about 4,000 pounds, and it threw it that far.”