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Amy Carr.

A teenager in eastern El Paso County strapped down evidence of her pregnancy with a “tummy trainer,” and frankly described strangling the newborn and burying her beside a decrepit Buick after giving birth in a shed on a frigid January day, deputies allege in court papers. 

Amy Grace Carr, 19, was held without bail at the El Paso County jail after her arrest last week on a murder warrant. 

"I hope no one finds it," Carr wrote to the baby's father on a social media site, deputies said.

The investigation into Carr began on Jan. 23, when deputies responded to 36296 Shear Road after Vickie Landon called 911 after her son, whose name was redacted in the arrest affidavit, found a baby partially buried next to a shed on the 40-acre lot on the plains south of Yoder.

In court papers, deputies said they followed a trail of blood from the steps of a mobile home to the shed, where deputies found a shovel caked with dirt and cloth with a placenta and umbilical cord wrapped inside.

Landon, 49, told deputies she did not know where the baby came from and none of the trailer's female residents — 35-year-old Lisa Marie Brito-Rodriguez, nor Carr — were the mother.

Carr first denied knowledge of the infant, then later told deputies it was stillborn before she buried the baby outside. She said the father was a customer at the McDonald's where she had worked.

Deputies obtained search warrants for Carr's electronics, Internet records and social media accounts. In court papers, deputies say an Oct. 27 online search was a chilling prelude to the killing: "How much alcohol is needed to harm a fetus."

Online records also illustrate a woman who was trying to hide her pregnancy from others, deputies allege.

On Dec. 12, Carr ordered a belt to strap down her growing belly. The "slimming body shaper" arrived five days later, deputies said in court papers.

Snapchat message records show correspondence between Carr and the baby's father, whose name was redacted from the arrest affidavit.

A flurry of social media messages on Jan. 18 show Carr was in labor, deputies said.

Carr told the baby's father she thought she was miscarrying and she "... might actually be done with this demon spawn," court papers allege.

"It's born," she later wrote to the father. "Out side (sic) ... I hope no one finds it."

Other messages between the two described how the baby died, deputies allege.

"I'm surprised it was alive and not still born (sic)," the father wrote, according to court papers.

Deputies say Carr responded: "Seriously me too. And how long I had to strangle it before it even stopped breathing ... Strong lil girl."

Later messages show a mother's regret, deputies allege.

"I feel like such a horrible person and I (know) that this decision will have negative effects that I'm not ready for," Carr wrote, deputies said in court papers.

The baby was buried without ceremony as Carr sought to hide her crime, deputies allege.

The next day she messaged the baby's father, telling him where his daughter was buried, deputies allege in court papers.

"I just have to put her somewhere safer than a ... hole by the Buick then I won't be stressing so much about it."

Deputies say the baby's father, who wasn't identified in court papers, offered to help Carr conceal the killed infant, saying he could help move the body after Carr said she, "buried the baby, but not well." 

Carr's first appearance in court is scheduled for June 15 at 9 a.m., court records show.

Deputies haven't explained why the newborn's death was announced nearly six months after the alleged killing.

"Each investigation is different," Jacqueline Kirby, a spokeswoman for the agency said. "This one took longer."

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