Flashing lights on top of police patrol car

In a release sent to families, School District 49 officials acknowledged unverified threats threatening violence at schools throughout El Paso County this coming Friday.

Officials said they are monitoring "disturbing posts" on the social media platform TikTok. While assuring families that threats will always be taken seriously, district officials said they didn't want to overreact. 

"We take any potential threat to the safety of students and staff very seriously," a letter addressed to D49 families reads. "Although these reports are unverified, our law enforcement partners, our safety and security team and district leadership are closely monitoring the trend. We remain attentive and protective, and we also want to avoid overreacting to rumors which have the potential to disrupt our mission to provide the best education to our students. Cancelling school for every TikTok trend or unsubstantiated rumor would shift control of school operations to anonymous posters, and disrupt our schools without justification."

District officials warned that anyone "engaging in sharing or reposting threatening material is subject to school, and possibly, law enforcement consequences."

The note to families ends with district officials asking families to stay alert and report any suspicious behavior. 

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